INFO My TAT gauge indicates much higher temperature than expected

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Please note that TAT is TOTAL AIR TEMPERATURE and is affected by RAM RISE. TAT increases with airspeed as a result of compression and friction of the air at high velocities.

TAT is not SAT (static air temperature) or OAT (outside air temperature). There will be differences based on your airspeed. As your airspeed increases, TAT will become higher for the same static air temperature.

ActiveSky reports temperatures as OAT and does not report TAT. Do not expect your TAT gauge to match the reported OAT.

If you have doubts about the temperature depicted within the simulation, and do not have a SAT/OAT gauge, you can SLEW your aircraft temporarily (Y key) which will effectively reduce your airspeed to zero, and then TAT will match SAT/OAT.

In short, TAT will always read higher than SAT/OAT, and thus when flying, your TAT cannot be expected to match OAT/SAT. For more information about TAT, please see:
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