Native Support for Enhanced Skyscapes

Jannis D.

New member

the release of Enhanced Skyscapes is not long ago but there is a limitation:

we only have global static depiction with ASXP at the moment there. I really would enjoy a rendered weather map for this impressive cloud plugin!


Beta Team Member
Why have you got Global Static activated in ASXP? I tried the Enhanced Skyscapes demo and my framerate was reduced by 38% which is not acceptable to me. If X-Plane 11 supported volumetric clouds HiFi would have done it already. Wait for the next gen X-Plane and see what they surprise us with.


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Problem is Enhanced Skyscapes only supports uniform weather (eg. when you are in overcast is draws it over the entire sky and when you then fly into cavok the whole sky is suddenly clear etc.)

So unless ES supports different weather zones at once there is not much anyone can do.

Jannis D.

New member
ES developer said to me, that he wants to code a compatibility with Active Sky for that. The problem is, that he can't get the coverage map from X-Plane.