Network Issue

Dean B

New member
I have been running ASN FSX over a network successfully since its launch.

ASN P3Dv2.1 will not connect over the same network.

I have checked multiple times, disabled and re-enabled shares to the correct \\FS-RIG\Prepar3D v2 and \\FS-RIG\Users\Dean\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2

Two questions - I note there are different simconnect dll's. Has anything changed here?

Second - Will the spaces in the paths negate a successful connection?

I have installed the Beta on the P3D machine and it works fine.

Other than that i'm baffled.



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thanks Dean for the reply,

could you tell me if you installed simconnect files from the prepar3d SDK? or is this not necessary with ASN. I am new this this I have always run wide fs and now how to share folders between pc's but this simcinnect got me confused. Froogle did a youtube movie about it . Telling that you need to install all simconnects from the FSX sdk etc, but I only have Prepar3d... Or is there maybe a guide which I can follow?