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Hi there,

I just purchased AS-E yesterday for FS9. So far I'm loving it, tho I've a couple of quick Q's...

1) How often is the weather picked up by your servers? Flying; I'm finding the destination Airport data is 12 - 15 hours old on arrival, but then updates to current, by the time I've taxi'd to the gate. I did several 'refresh'es throughout the flight to try and update the arrival info en-route. I'm thinking I've overlooked something in my settings/set up?

I bought this as I wanted to be able to use real world forecasts and reports in my flights.

2) Are the winds aloft in the BRIEFING screen reported or forecast?

3) Enroute I usually get notification of '56 stations updated' or the like - is this (figure) about what I should be expecting?

Thanks muchly,

Great product so far .... I'm using ASE, Build 702, flying predominantly around Australia / SE Asia.


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Your build needs to be updated to 709.

Please download the following update and install it on top of your current installation and see if this resolves your updating issues.

Damian will be around later to answer the server update question.

Let me know if this helps.


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Server data is updated every couple of minutes, and stations generally update hourly. You might need to experiment with suppression settings (local suppression range), recommend increasing this, as it sounds like some updates are not occurring in time (if you are slewing fast or using high sim rate until inside the suppression range this might explain your results).

Winds aloft data are forecasts but using a short-term forecast period (1-4 hours) which is highly based on reports/radiosonde, so it is fairly close to "actual".

Enroute updates in FS9: yes the station count is about right, depending on the area. It updates each station within the local range (around 300 miles) every 5-10 minutes.


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Thank you so much for the advice. I'll try updating my build ...

Also, I don't slew or time compression - I only fly in real time. I do, however, sometimes fly an hour or two ahead: if I like to get a flight in before going out, going to bed etc. - is this problematic?

My time setting is to real time rather than flight time.