Next-gen weather development


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I go on a lot about the X-Plane weather system, both here, in various Discord servers and on various forums. X-Plane's weather has long needed some improvements, not least to the way it handles weather updates and changes in weather data.


Joking aside, it is encouraging to see that Ben at Laminar Research has started talking about next-gen weather for X-Plane:


There's some light at the end of the tunnel!

Will you be reaching out to LR to influence their approach/decisions regarding this? I obviously think it would be advantageous if developers like you did, so as to ensure LR delivers something that can be used effectively. I'm thinking of avoiding the current P3D V5 situation where TrueSky weather renders a static depiction of the entire scene (as explained by one of your devs):

EA mode depiction is GLOBAL, meaning it depicts weather without "theme" features for variable wx shown. The same clouds will be shown out to the horizon with no variation at all. Now as you fly into an area with different weather, ASP3D will update the conditions injecting them into the sim and eventually EA/trueSKY will show its new interpolated representation of the conditions. It's like going back to FS9 and ASv6.


I´m interested in this as well. I´d also like to see more accurate enroute weather. Fronts, storm cell locations. Right now it seems to be a ballpark of real world.