No clouds on the ASXP MAP


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Hello, I systematically use the weather data from ASXP version v8583 for the entire length of a flight.
I noticed on several flights that I have clouds on X-plane 12 and they were drawn on the weather radar, but nothing on the Map of ASXP no clouds drawn.


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What is you map range set at?
You might be zoomed out to far.


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There can be discrepancies currently due to the current depiction method (global region), and our attempts to provide the most expected data given the depiction. Usually any discrepancies will resolve within the next few minutes as things update, but we realize there are some strange results and we're working to improve things here, as well as hoping for additional future SDK/API functionality to allow variation region weather. With that said, if you have a specific discrepancy you can reproduce, please provide a screenshot showing this, with the AS conditions screen and the simulator view. Thanks!


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Hello, here is my last flight, I had a sudden appearance of a disturbance at Barcelona level at FL 370 not reported on the ASXP map, see photos.
It seems to be an unavoidable phenomenon due to the current limitations of xplane APK. It will be resolved later.