No turburlance on approuch!


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ok so im flying into NZWN, which is known for being pretty windy, anyway ive got the weather mode set to hirstoric to imitate the weather from around a month ago, I flew in there IRL cuz its my hometown and it was really really windy, so i thought that id fly in there on xp11 aswell.
when im coming down through the clouds its pretty bumpy which I was excited about and then when I get to around 2000ft (when i can see the runway) the turburlance just disappears out of nowhere, and it stays smooth the whole way in. this is really annoying because im want the challange of turburlance.
Please help!

weather that day
NZWN 030530Z AUTO 20035KT 6000 BKN023/// OVC028/// 10/07 Q1007 BECMG 9999 TEMPO 5000 SHRA
(Wind: 200 at 35 knots
Visibility: 3.7 SM (6000 m)
Clouds: Broken at 2300 feet, Overcast at 2800 feet,
Temperature: 10.0C
Dewpoint: 7.0C
Precipitation: None reported
Altimeter: 1007 mb (29.74 inches))


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It is likely XPRealistic that is interfering, remove it from your plugins and try again. I just flew from NZCH to NZWN and had plenty of turbulence. Once you have removed XPR and with ASXP not running go to your C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\HiFi\AS_XPL\Weather folder and delete the LastDownloaded.Wx file, a new one will be created when ASXP is started.

Here is a vid of the approach.
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No problem, I see however that XPRealistic should be compatible with ASXP since build 7467 as per the XPR product page. You will have to turn off wind and turbulence effects in XPRealistic if you would like to continue using it.


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From the HiFi news page:

Update 061920 – June 19, 2020

  • Fix for Oculus fix version of X-Plane 11.41r1 causing crash when used with ASXP
  • Fix for traffic add-on/TCAS usage causing crash in as_xconnect module related to recent X-Plane beta 11.50b9 API changes breaking backwards compatibility
  • Added new API functionality to provide Turbulence and AS active status to custom datarefs
  • Added new SkyMaxx Pro depiction mode which enables new SMP integration reducing cloud layer limit and supplying new cloud layer type data
  • Now compatible and integrated with XPRealistic Pro V2
  • Now compatible and integrated with SkyMaxx Pro with Real Weather Connector
  • Now compatible with Traffic Global for X-Plane