Options descriptions are confusing.


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The options screens that have sliders are a bit confusing. It's unclear to me what the effect of the zero to one hundred scale is. I wish that a more clear description was available for each slider, including what the effect of the zero setting is, and the 100 setting is.

It'd be nice for a statement near the slider to define the slider in no uncertain terms. Example: Setting to zero does this. Setting to 100 does this.

This is a common issue with small niche companies. You are so close to the material, you make assumptions when writing the manual, or descriptions of user controlled features. The only way to overcome this, is to look at each sentence, and ask yourself, would someone who's never used the software, understand what that sentence means. You have to edit your work by looking at it with a set of fresh eyes.

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Hello Tim,

Thank you for your post. There is a description for each of the options, which options are confusing?

Maybe we can help answer your question.

Thank you and best regards.