Unconfirmed P3D V4 Open Beta - No Autogen or Visual Models


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Afternoon Everyone,

So this morning I installed on my Laptop the new active sky for P3D V4. I also installed the AS Connect into my V4 install.

When I loaded in, all my autogen has disappeared and I have no visual models for any aircraft - its almost like they've gone invisible.

The only other add-ons installed in V4 are Orbx Gobal, Europe LC and The Regions England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Anything you guys can recommend to see if I can get it back?

Windows 10, up to date.

Rig - CPU Intel i7 6700K 4Ghz | Mobo Asus Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1 | Graphics Nvidia GTX 780 3GB DD5 | Memory GSkill Tident X 3200 16GB


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if you uninstall AS, does this correct the problem? I've had no problem like that.



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Cheers Gents - I will first try the shader chache rebuild, and if that fails then will try uninstalling.


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Further update, tried re building cache and uninstall and still nothing. Did a P3D repair and Autogen was back. Ill attribute this to something I did.


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Okay, here's my two cents Dev team. I did some flights on the east coast in stormy weather and observed when lightning strikes is visible they appear upside down, starting from the bottom of the cloud and extending upwards..no Ground strikes. At first I thought this was to depict cloud to cloud strike activity until I sat and watch the lighting for like 10 mins. No ground strikes at all. Like I said , it's appears to be inverted. :)
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