Question (P3D V4) Static mode and temperatures aloft


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Oftentimes in P3D if the AI traffic/ATC is using the wrong runways, I'll right click the map in AS and set the METAR manually to a wind direction and speed that'll get the AI using the correct runways. One issue I've had, however, is that as I'm climbing out on departure, temperatures are way higher than they typically should be (e.g., seeing a TAT of +32c at FL200). How can I set the wind direction on the ground without impacting any other variables like temps aloft? I figure it must be static mode, because once I get back into live mode it transitions the temps back to normal.



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We will need to check your setup and settings.
Please submit a support ticket with a log export at the Support Desk regarding this issue and reference this forum post also.
You can export your log from the Logs button in Active Sky.

Please login to the support desk instead of using email in case you have logs/file attachments over 5MB's in size.

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