P3D volumetric fog?


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Hi Michael,

Volumetric fog in general is certainly the way to go moving forward and we have adjusted (and will continue to adjust) how ASN works to make the best use of it. Having said that, there are obviously some drawbacks related to it as it is now (fps hit, global nature etc) and we're in close collaboration with LM to find ways to improve it even further.

As it is at the moment expect to see glitches at this point both with ASN and P3D (alone or with ASN running) in relation to "vertical visibility" restriction. This is one of the main things we've been working for preparing for SP1 version of ASN (also improving how ASN for FSX works in this regard).



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Hello Gentlemen,
I'm a old user of HiFi: before AS 6.5 then ASA, ASE (FS2004) and now ASN with P3D 2.1 (I use X-Pax too with P3D in network configuration).

This is my volumetric fog departing from Bergamo - Prepar3D 2.1 and ASN ....... Great Job!