Waiting for Response Problems connecting "ASConnect does not appear to be enabled"


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I have got W10, FSX Steam Edition, AS16 with SP1 and Kaspersky Internet Security as AV soft, installed.
FSX SE is installed on a sole directory. AS16 is installed where it recommends (althought I have tried different and sole folder too) under Windows, etc
I have read all related about, I have followed the instructions on permissions, etc, but I am not able to get AS16 work. It seems it might a problems with permissions, but I desperately request your help.

"No ASConnect Log. ASConnect logging does not appear to be enabled. Either is being blocked or your sim does not have...."
" Error. AS16 cannot control ambient weather parameters..."

Awaiting, desperately and thanking in advance.
Jose A. Seva


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We will need to check your setup and settings.
Please submit a support ticket at the Support Desk regarding this issue and reference this forum post also.

Please login to the support desk instead of using email in case you have logs/file attachments over 5MB's in size.

You can login to the support desk from the link below or from the tab at the top left of the forum page:


Please note you will need to have a registered account on the support desk
or create an account if you do not have one.