Question about Using Active Sky in Simbrief



I have a question about why it is necessary to set Active Sky to Historical weather, if what I want is either current weather, or forecast weather for a flight plan I am working on in Simbrief? I really don't want to use Historical weather in this instance.

My question is based on the paragraph below lifted from an AS forum thread back in 2019, The paragraph is:

"With ActiveSky running and connected to the simulator, scroll down the flight dispatch page on SimBrief and click on "Weather Options" tab to coordinate the weather with ActiveSky, please note that ActiveSky has to be set to "Historical Weather" in the Wx Control tab in order to load the weather into SimBrief. Select "Update - Upload a new weather snapshot" from the SimBrief dropdown and press "Continue." SimBrief will now load the weather, once done you can generate the OFP and continue working on your preflight."

Bill Clark


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Hi Bill,

Do you have a link to that thread you are referring to?


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I use simbrief weather all the time with AS16. Although there is no official answer to your question, my belief is that Simbrief was setup to accomodate historical weather only from AS16, because it has current weather available to it already, so he may have felt it was not needed.

Paul Goodman