Quick Web Companion Configuration

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AS16 includes a Weather Web Companion App which is provided by a webserver/browser system while AS16 is running.
With AS16 running, you can access the following URL in any browser, on any device, as long as it is connected to the local area network (LAN).


Localhost=Your computers I.P. address you are running Active Sky 16 on.

If you do not know your computers I.P. address please try the following:

From the Windows Start button open a Command Prompt window and type the following without the quotes "ipconfig" and press enter.
Verify your IPv4 I.P. address.

Example Only to enter in remote browser/device

The port specified in the URL (19285) can be changed using the AS16 general options section.
Please ensure this port is opened in any firewall hardware/software when using this over your network.
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