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As a long term user I came up to a few possible enhancements.

The ATIS on 122.0 and 122.025 has sometimes a habit of restart while in the middle of the message. Mostly because the wind has a minor change. Soon enough it restarts again with the original message. And also... most are pretty fast speaking. A bit unrealistic compared to rela world ATIS. And... (I know I can switch off some voices), but a Swedish voice in China? Come on, that can't be right. ;-)

On the Conditions page, it would be nice to see the active Turbulence and Icing conditions displayed. Now, if you want to look it up in the METAR window, the text has a habit of jumping back to the top frequently. Also nice if that one is more stable.

Those are minor things, when realized, more than welcome.




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Thank you for the suggestion's. We are always adding new abilities to Active Sky products either current or new.