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You sure put a whole lot of thought in your response in the X-Plane thread. Bravo!!!

The first reasonable question was posted September 19, 2013 and you responded a year’s later with "will let you know".

I asked a simple question and again you just brushed it off including the rest of your Active Sky clients/supporters that have migrated to X-Plane then proceed to close the thread. So much for customer relations.

Just keep in mind that your clients are putting bread on your tables & this client is not going to do it anymore.




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Hi Marc,

I understand your frustration but you have to remember that the dev/forum team is very small and there is tons of work going on behind the scenes. ASN was released within the last year and there has been much work done in the background to get the SP out. Might I remind you that there are many addon devs that do not provide any information on plans for their product on different platforms nor do they provide any timelines for completion of work.


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I also made the move to X-Plane 10 recently, grabbing the opportunity of the recent 50% sales on Steam as many others did, I believe.

The sim has trully amazing potential but its weather generation is one of the main weak points. Weather of course can be heavy on system resources, probably more than on FSX. But with the recent release of relatively low cost, powerfull graphics cards like the Nvidia 970/980 real weather depiction becomes a realistic capability. Combined with the great flight modeling and HDR depiction the results would be stunning, compared to FSX/P3D.

IMO a weather engine like ASN would become an instant 'must buy' in the XP ecosystem.
If/when HIFI makes a move to XP10 I would gladly help in beta testing!
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