Runway Edge Lights dissappear after using AS XP


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I've noticed that after turning On my computer and freshly entering XP-11 my airports look fine and complete.
(I constantly use XP for scenery developing and learning from other custom and default airports.)
And when I open AS-XP and then I close XP-11, open XP-11 again (to reset the scenery) and go to any airport, there's no edge lights for these airports.
This happens to default or custom airports.

So, what I did was hide the AS-XP plugins into another folder and boot XP-11 again and my airports
have edge lights on their runways. And if I return the AS-XP plugins back to their working location,
the lights are gone. And when I mean edge runway lights I mean the 3d light themselves, not the [light] alone.

I wonder if this is an issue with XP-11 and a command that AS-XP is giving to eliminate this and if so,
is there an option on the interface?

Thank you for your time.


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I wanted to add that any custom polygon removes runway edge lights in the simulator, I've come to learn.