Runway in use issue...


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I use P3dv4 with Active Sky for weather. REX SkyForce, UTLive for traffic, Aivlasoft EFB2 and SimBrief for planning. My problem is with the planning stage and finding "runway in use" for landing. Takeoff is pretty easy... I contact the tower, or tune into the local ATIS via P3dv4... however, landing runway almost always changes from those offered by ActiveSky, Aivlasoft EFB, or SimBrief and throws my pre-planned STAR and Approach out the window. I have ticked the ActiveSky "force ATC wind lock" as recommended to no avail. I DO realize that winds change... however, of my last 50 flights 48 of them have had P3dv4 ATC require a completely different runway. Since I use Ultimate Traffic Live, and all the P3d traffic is using the ATC recommended runways this becomes quite problematic. Any answers out there?


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This has been an issue with FSX and Prepar3D as long as I can remember. Runways are assigned within the simulator itself. If Prepar3D allowed the use of live historical weather to influence AI aircraft or the AI program was able to tap into Active Sky and read what winds are injected into the sim there would be less conflicts.

Here is a thread over at the Prepar3D forum:


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Can you not listen to the ATIS when nearing the destination airport to pick up runway info again? Usually you can do this when you have VHF radios installed and are tunable to the ATIS frequency. Of course you need to wait until you are relatively near the airport.