INFO Rwy in use wrong in ASP4


In KLAS there are only rwy,s 26L and 26R, I have tha latest AIRAC installed for ASP4, why ASP4 show rwy,s 25L and 25R as rwy,s in use?





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The runway data is read from the sim's installation/scenery.

This can vary between stock, outdated or 3rd party scenery.

You can update the runways manually using a utility such as ADEX.
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Active Sky uses installed scenery runway information for consistency between internal sim runway shown and used for ATC. Scenery runway data updates are available (externally, not from HiFi) from or (use at your own discretion/risk).
I know this is an old thread, but thanks for the tip. I was having problems with LFSB Basel, active runways in AS always showed up as 16, 16L and 34 instead of 15 and 33, even though I have the latest AIRAC from Navigraph installed. The runways are correct on all my other applications.

I did the update from the first link you mentioned and it looks fine now in AS. it shows the correct and current runways.

I haven't flown yet since I've updated, but can you tell me if that scenery update interferes with my Add-On sceneries?


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No, it will not overwrite the scenery.bgl files associated to custom airports.