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This has been a problem for years. How can it be that this is payware yet the download servers from mediafire used are extremely slow. I am downloading now at 100kbs from a 500Mbit connection. It is a complete joke. 40 minutes for 235Mb file. I usually download it seconds.


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I just downloaded ASXP in about 11 seconds on a 75 Mbps connection. Could there be an issue that your ISP needs to look into?
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I too was looking to report this issue - I have a 1GB Connection and right now I am downloading ASCA at 24kb/s-100kb/s - it was the a similar issue last night downloading the latest RC2 for ASP3D.

It has been this way for as long as I remember and I have been using HiFi Products for over a decade.



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Sorry to say but i too am having a slow download issue Im in the UK and using Virgin Media 500MBit
no problems on any other sites just downloaded P3D in minutes. as of writing this 45 minutes for 230MB download :mad:


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Hi, i'm form Poland, my internet is 300 MBit and i also getting under 100 kB per sec downloads from your domain.


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We understand that there are approximately 15% of our customers realizing less than ideal download speeds. We are looking into replacing our network provider on this side yet again to try and improve things. Thanks for the feedback.