[SOLVED] No weather on ND


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As you can see in the picture, the weather radar isn't working and I don't know why.
The display in the aircraft is at maximum and the weather module setting is in automatic mode :

GCS: auto
SYS: 1
PWS : auto

This worked very well before using the beta version of ASP3D.

I removed the beta program and reinstalled AS for P3dv4 but I can't find the display on the ND.

I have the same problem with the B737 Pmdg.

Thanks for your help.

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Which simulator is this in, can you confirm? If using Prepar3D v5 it is likely that our API has not been added in order to display precipitation in the ND using the weather radar.


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I use P3d v4.5 hf3.
I'm not alone in this problem. Another user of the Fsl forum was also.

I uninstalled ASP3D (because i didn't have this problem before, it may be the source) and reinstalled as_connect but without success.


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Solved thanks to the help of a user of the FlightimLabs forum.
and I quote :

Open your sim - instead of options there is Add-Ons (i think, otherwise its in options)...check if THERE is an AS entry..if yes - delete it. Restart Sim, restart AS...you are all set.