Stuttering/Strong FPS fluctuations after 3-4 hours in flight


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Hello everyone,

I am getting horrible stutters/even real stops (lasting for around 1 second) after being in flight for around 3-4 hours and with ASP3D active. When I am turning it off I am getting constant 60 FPS (Vsync on). Restarting ASP3D in flight again will cause these stutters to appear again. Interestingly these stutters seem to affect my whole PC. E.g. when I am watching a Youtube Video (during a flight with ASP3D) I am also experiencing these stutters in the Youtube Video both visually and in the sound.

I have installed it in the default folder: C:\Program Files\HiFi\ASP3D.

Anyone else experience same/similar issues?

Edit: I am getting the following Messages:
19:27:38:0892-Sim general message:Sim Connect Pre Attempt: Connected = False
19:27:38:0892-Sim general message:Sim Msg: simconnect is null ...
19:27:38:0896-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Connection request sent ...
19:27:38:0906-Sim general message:Sim Connect Post Attempt: Connected = False
19:27:58:0890-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Connected to the sim
19:44:10:0840-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Exception received: SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_OUT_OF_BOUNDS
20:03:34:0278-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Exception received: SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_OUT_OF_BOUNDS

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What kind of AV software are you running? Is this a networked setup or local?


Same here. My first few flights in the last days were awesome and silky smooth. Today I'm getting massive stutters and FPS ranging from 8-65. Yesterday I had a few windows updates that may be the culprit. KB4557957, KB4561600 and KB4484373. I will uninstall reinstall Nvidia drivers first because sometimes they freak out after some windows updates. If that does not work, then perhaps its one or all of the 3 updates.


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Did a clean Windows install yesterday. Now installing P3DV5 and AS again. Let you know the status ASAP. This all happened after installing the Windows 2004 Update and new NVIDIA drivers. Looking at the CPU and GPU utilisation in the task Manager and comparing it with the values I had before (core 0 always 100% + low GPU util) I guess my system was screwed up...

Oscar Leung

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There's another thread in Aerosoft Airbus A330 forum also pointing the problem to ASP3D.
A330 FPS Drops, re-installed ASP3D Helped
I am also having this issues, where fps drops,and whole system becames laggy after an hour or so (chrome scrolling, navigraph)
Updated: FPS no longer drops if EA is disabled.
I Will soon be re-installing ASP3D to check if the problem still exists.
In case you need: Windows 10 Home edition,version 2004. P3Dv5 HF1 with EA enabled, 3700x/RTX2070.
Aerosoft A330 , ASP3D B7459, Orbx Global Base.
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