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Just to make sure to understand how ASXP synchronise with X-Plane i have few more questions:

-Switch to live Weather:
Easy, just let ASXP doing his job

-Historical weather is active:
Easy too it speaks by himself. But one clarification is needed. There is on option to "force historical Time to the sim". If i UNCHECK this option and i put a different time, let say 00:00UTC, after few seconds the time change and go back to the time set in the SIM. So no difference if check or uncheck?

A-Check below:
01-the 4th of february 2020 07:23 UTC "force hitorical Time to sim Time" check

02-the 4th of february 2020 00:23 UTC "force hitorical Time to sim Time" UNcheck

On the second setting i understand that it should be night time but the only thing that has change is that is a bit more sunny. Here what am i missing?

-Flight plan:
01-Flight plan loaded

02-Flight plan on the MAP. My plane is not positioned on LFPG but on LFPP. So here i understand that ASXP don´t synchronise the plane "start position" corresponding to the "flight plan". So it needed to be done separately in the SIM MENU "START A NEW FLIGHT". Correct?

In advance thanks for the support.
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What is it that you would like to do? Please note that ASXP does not control the time of day in X-Plane, you must set the time in X-Plane. Your best bet would be to set the X-Plane time using "Month - Day - Hour - Minute" or by placing a check mark in "Track real-world date & time" then in ASXP setting the historical time manually or by placing a check mark in "Force Historical Time to Sim Time"