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I just bought Active Sky, and I am using X-Plane 11.50 beta.
When I arrived at my first trip with Active Sky, there was almost clear sky in the sim.
When I checked outsidee my window in real life (which is just a few miles from the airport), there was overcast and a lot of clouds.
Then I checked the METAR for the airport, and it showed CAVOK, but in the TAF they had listet a lot of clouds like in real life at that momemt.

My question is. Do Active Sky not pull data from TAF in the METAR?


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I have found that ASXP does a good job of displaying the actual WX conditions within the bounds of METAR reports.


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Active Sky generates weather using METAR and other data. You are in effect flying in weather that was observed up to an hour prior, some METAR's are updated more frequently based on major changes to the weather at an aerodrome. TAF's are created by forecaster's and are usually posted 4 times per day which cover the upcoming 24 hour period. Although more detailed there are fewer TAF's due to increased numbers of auto reports using instrumentation instead of actual human observations and fewer meteorologists based around the globe.
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