Thermal realism


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One of the big downsides of XP’s weather engine is the thermals are not placed underneath the cumulus clouds which - when venturing cross country - is absolutely essential so we can see/follow the energy lines. Is this weakness overcome with ASPX.

Also, with terrain based draughts, is “wave” modelled (with associated lenticular clouds?(
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I know it's an old post but still the same in 2020 about thermals, I'm surprised that you didn't have any answer for this crucial feature that is still missing in 2020! I wish that AS will improve thermals in general, never too late but it looks like it's not an easy task if it didn't come so far in our sim! Yeap I do agree the native XP engine weather is way too old, it's totally unrealistic so that I never understood that it didn't bother Laminar knowing that the weather is the corner stone if we dare talking about realism in a flight simulator!


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Thanks for the suggestion. We do hope to visit this area of improved drafts, thermals, rotors, waves and soaring features very soon, for all platforms including X-Plane.

Currently, the terrain-based drafts do model things up to about 5K above the associated terrain peaks (depending on several factors), but don't extend much further than the local terrain area like real waves can.