Question Transparent clouds (REX)

I keep having transparent/translucent clouds (sometimes they are barely visible) throughout my flight, especially visible at dawn/dusk, see screenshots below.
This will not happen during some sort of transition where it's changing weather etc., but is a permanent depiction of some clouds here and there.

As I'm using Rex SkyForce textures, I (of course) asked them about it but they said they don't provide any transparency withing their textures and that they are pretty sure ActiveSky must be doing something (generating fog with cloud textures or something) to create this sort of visuals.

Can you guys thing of anything I could do to reduce this effect?
Is anyone else seeing this?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

P3Dv5.3 HF1+1 / AS 8042



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This should not be influenced by AS. There can be fading out during transitions both from in-sim and AS additive effects (suppress local wx changes to disable this), but if they are static, that really can't be something we are doing. You can verify using sim manual wx configuration with AS disabled. You may want to look at other add-ons and/or configuration/lighting settings. If you find any issues specific to AS then please open a ticket with details. Thanks.
Thanks for the response.
How log would such a transition last? Because for instance I load a scenario at an airport, weather gets injected and the clouds look like this and won't change (unless the weather changes with the next download interval).

I'm actually running out of ideas here, every developer I points to another add-on. Hard to track. But apparently, I'm the only one, so maybe it's some sort of combination of add-ons, settings and tweaks.

But okay, I'll keep investigating then. Thanks.


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Have you tried setting the weather manually without any weather add on running?

Have you tried setting the weather manually without any weather add on running?
Good idea, I did not.
Edit: Now I did.
Setting a custom weather manually indeed ALSO can occasionally create those transparent cloud. So this can't be AS.
I guess I head on to LM then :)



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Have you tried clearing your shader folder, make a backup first then browse to AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D\Shaders and delete the contents of the folder and see if that resolves the issue.