Uh Oh ... I didn't buy the STEAM Version of AS only AS16 for FSX - Have I stuffed up?

Captain Santa

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Hi guys.

In my haste I just got super excited to be getting this add-on and yesterday purchased the FSX version of AS16. I only just saw today on YouTube (trying to learn a bit about AS16) that there is an FSX Steam Edition version of Active Sky.

Have I messed up so that the version I purchased will NOT work properly in certain situations? I purchased my versions ( I bought AS16 and ASCA through SIMMarket) and did not see a Steam Edition version so didn't even think about the possibility. If I have purchased the wrong product is there a Plan B option for me please?

Thanks in advance


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Hello Paul,

AS16 for FSX will work with Steam, actually even better than ASN Steam Edition. ASN:SE as a product was scaled back in abilities.

Hope this helps.