Use personnal Metar File ?


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I'm begginer with ASXP.
I read in the manual that we have to set "Personnal Metar File" in the weather option in Xplane to load ASXP.

I have the plugin as_xconnect installed and connected to xplane.

I noticed that changing "Personnal Metar File" to live weather in Xplane does not change weather and it's still ASXP weather.

So my question is : Do I really need to use custom metar file, or I can just set "Real weather" in Xplane and start ASXP ?

Thank you very much


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You have to select the "METAR.rwx" file below "Real Weather."

ASXP User's Guide - Page 7

Start X-Plane and Configure X-Plane Weather Mode
X-Plane's weather mode needs to manually be changed to Custom METAR mode
when using the ASXP default weather mode. This is done in the Flight configuration
screen, weather options. Change the dropdown mode to "From custom METAR
(.rwx) file", and choose the METAR.rwx file shown.

Hope this helps.