Vatsim QNH difference


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Over the past days I have had horrendous problems using Active Sky P3Dv4 whilst flying on Vatsim.

I have the Vatsim Online Weather option ticked but, for instance, when flying out of EGPH Edinburgh AS is giving me a QNH of 990 when the Vatsim real weather is showing very high QNH of 1035. This is effectively an altitude difference of almost 1,500 ft!!! It means I can't fly Vatsim using Active Sky.

Now as AS effectively sets the altitude of my scenery you can imagine the problems that will ensue!

Is this a general problem or something specific to my own AS?


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Hi Tony,

Be sure to verify that your weather in the "Wx Control" tab is set to "Live Weather." I am not sure exactly what you mean by AS sets the altitude of your scenery, can you explain?