Resolved Version Number on Open beta 7035

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Hi: I just installed the open beta (ASP4) and noticed that the version number is still 7013 on the main UI. It apparently installed correctly, no error messages were noted. Loads fine also.

Is this an issue on my end or yours?

Many thanks and keep up the good work!



No problem! The new file now shows the correct version number. I read the version history but I'm not sure exactly what I should be looking for (also in ASCA)? Or was this basically bug fixes?

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Build 7035 Changelog has been posted at the link below:

ASP4 Changelog (Open Beta)
Update 040619

• Fixed issue regarding precipitation rate in GetWeatherInfoXML API function
• Added elevation output in GetWeatherInfoXML API function (when available)
• P3D compatibility updates

ASCA Changelog (Open Beta)
Update 031519

Minor UI adjustments
Added new “Suppress Shut Down Messages” option to prevent shut down warnings in all cases


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I get an error because the released P3D 4.5 just came out today. The version is But with the open beta says this as in the attached picture.7257170A-155A-4118-8AF3-ED4679E0224B.jpg
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Hey guys, I may have something related to this. I just downloaded the beta patch for P3D 4.5 too and noticed that only "Download" in "Download Link" changed color to indicate it was visited.

I hovered over "Link" and it points to a different link.

I downloaded them both and compared - the "Download" download was signed April 6, 2019 and is 84,071,848 bytes in size, and the "Link" download was signed March 15, 2019 and is 83,790,752 bytes in size.

Until that gets sorted, I bet a lot of folks might get an old download. The "Download" part of the link is probably the correct one but I’ll wait to install until HiFi lets us know.

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