Very different weather to actuals at EGCC

This afternoon I flew from LFPG to EGCC using Live Weather in ASP3D. On my approach to Manchester I was surprised to see only a few scattered clouds and ASP3D showed Manchester as Sunny.

But the reality was very different. I live 3 miles from the airport and the actual weather was overcast at 15:45Z and there is now light rain falling. Such a large discrepancy is very unusual.


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Hi Ray,

Did you happen to notice whether the METAR was current or not? Be sure to copy/paste the METAR the next time you see a discrepancy.
Hi Robert,

I didn't unfortunately. But I've just positioned my aircraft at EGCC and used Historic Time to set the wx to 15:45Z on Mon 28 June.

Here is the full details of the METAR...

EGCC 281520Z AUTO VRB02KT 9999 NCD 16/12 Q1017

Decoded textual weather for EGCC

Wind: Variable at 2 knots
Variable wind direction from 000 to 360
Visibility: 10+ SM (9999+ m)
Clouds: None Reported
Temperature: 16.0C
Dewpoint: 12.0C
Precipitation: None reported
Altimeter: 1017 mb (30.03 inches)

This station includes complete surface weather information, interpolation disabled.

Original metar of the stations:
EGCC 281520Z AUTO VRB02KT 9999 NCD 16/12 Q1017

EGCC 281055Z 2812/2918 VRB04KT 9999 SCT020 PROB30 TEMPO 2812/2820 7000 -RADZ BKN014 PROB30 TEMPO 2902/2907 8000 BECMG 2912/2915 07010KT

I've highlighted a few points from that report. The time of the report is okay but if NCD means no cloud cover that is definitely wrong. As I said there was an overcast and light rain was falling a little later.

Happy to supply furrther reports either here or via a ticket if it helps. Today's weather representation looks fine. I run a weather station so can confirm temps, winds and pressure are fine. My link in my sig takes you to my weather website.


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Hi Ray,

It appears the automated weather station report at Manchester is the culprit in this case. The TAF appears to be showing more precise weather but Active Sky is not designed to display weather based on it.