Very little turbulence running P3d 2.1 ASN


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H devs,

I'm aware ASN for P3d 2.1 has bugs at present but I don't know if this is a bug or not.

So I am in New Zealand, loaded real weather for today at NZAA (at the moment we have Cyclone Lusi bearing down on us) and although the wind appears correct, the turbulence is just not cutting it. I have flown IRL GA, and even approaching cloud you would feel some turbulence. This is not happening and i'm hoping that it is just not the Metar that ASN is reading and that it has its own algorithm to generate turbulence based on proximity to clouds in addition to metars/TAFS.

Can this be explained or any support given to get info to help your investigation?

Thanks in advance.

ORDER Number: 1121994


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Isn't anybody going to reply to my post? Can someone tell me where to post support issues if it's not here.