Waiting for Response Violent behavior on approach every time


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Guys today while approaching HKJK 5 min before landing the plane PMDJ 777 started going up and down a bit like it was updraft then suddenly flipped Upside down over speed and plummeted to the ground. Lost 4 hrs of flying.

I fly with no AI, wake turbulence setting was 0, all other turb setting tuned down at least 50% of the default values.

Really frustrating and no idea how to address this.

I noticed this happens on approaches only, this is the 4th time it happens this week.

my thermal visualization in FSX is set to natural.

Using the stable version of AS16 for FSX.

Any thoughts?



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Apologies for the late reply. Does this happen only with PMDG 777 or with other aircraft as well? If only PMDG please see if there is a resolution posted on their forum. Please post a log from AS16 the next time this happens.