Resolved VV/// : Vertical Visibility < 100 ft


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Real world: When VV is below 100 ft, the METAR code is VV/// (not available).
AS is translating a foggy METAR, e.g. 1/2SM VV/// to 1/2SM CLR.
In that case, in the sim, you can see the Approach Lights well above CAT I minima, whereas in reality it is a CAT III approach, autoland required.

Correct translation for VV/// for AS would be OVC000.


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Thank you for taking the time to post your observation. Can you provide a METAR showing this? Please provide some data on this so we can investigate.

I found one METAR using VV001 and another with OVC001 but nothing showing vertical visibility any less than that. Is vertical visibility not reported to the nearest 100 feet from the surface?

CYDQ 131900Z AUTO 28003KT 1/8SM FZFG VV001 M03/M03 A3012 RMK SLP240

Wind: 280 at 3 knots
Visibility: 0.1 SM (201 m)
Clouds: Overcast at 100 feet
Temperature: -3.0C
Dewpoint: -3.0C
Precipitation: None reported
Altimeter: 1020 mb (30.12 inches)

KLAM 131915Z AUTO 15006KT 1/2SM SN OVC001 M01/M01 A3020 RMK AO2 P0001 T10151015

Wind: 150 at 6 knots
Visibility: 0.5 SM (805 m)
Clouds: Overcast at 100 feet,
Temperature: -1.0C
Dewpoint: -1.0C
Precipitation: Moderate snow
Altimeter: 1023 mb (30.20 inches)

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METAR EDFH 120120Z 28008KT 0400 R21/0300V0500N -DZ FG VV/// 03/03 Q1023=

METAR LFPG 282130Z 19003KT 0600 R27L/0750N R09R/1200U R26R/0800N R08L/0900D R26L/0750N R08R/0700D R27R/1400D R09L/1100N FG VV/// 01/00 Q1034 NOSIG=

You may find hundreds of similar ones on Ogimet:

Outside Europe, you usually do find VV000. Much clearer but inaccurate. VV/// would indicate chances for a CAT IIIa approach, whereas VV000 would be below CAT IIIa minima.

METAR UAAA 122200Z 22001MPS 0050 R23R/0150N R23L/0200N FZFG VV000 M10/M11 Q1030 R23R/1///60 R23L/3///42 NOSIG RMK QBB020=

I do use P3D with the great AS + ASCA add-on for serious flight traning and I like to pick airports with actual bad weather (live weather) or historic weather.
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Thank you for providing the extra data. I will pass this on to the developers, this has to be looked at more closely before an update to the core function of ASP4 is made. Please allow a little time in order to receive a reply to your suggestion/request.

Interestingly, we are experiencing a fog event this morning in Vancouver, it appears the minima is VV001 and nothing lower:

CYVR 141616Z 09003KT 0SM R08R/0800FT/N R08L/1200V1800FT/N FG VV001 01/01 A3010 RMK FG8 SLP193

I flew a circuit around Vancouver and used autoland so I could see exactly when the runway came into view. It appeared just as the 50 foot call-out came and a second later the aircraft touched down. Is that not enough of a minimum for your exercise? I will try your flight out of LFPG and compare the view.

Just verified at LFPG - VV/// appears to be translated as overcast at 1000 feet in Active Sky. I manually changed the weather on the map by right-clicking and adding a new custom area then added VV001 and the visibility dropped right down.



Just had a thought, would you mind submitting a ticket with your suggestion? Our request feature list is getting longer and longer, it may be a better way to communicate back to you this way.

Thank you,

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Just wanted to report back to you to let you know this is on the list as part of a a future update to Active Sky.

Thank you again for letting us know.



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Hello Robert,
thank you for your reply and putting it on the list for a future update.
I like to use live weather and that was sometimes VV/// within the past couple of weeks at EDDS (my homebase), EDGS (nice training facility) and some other airports.


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This has been implemented in ASXP SP1 and should be provided in an ASP4 and AS16 update soon.


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Vertical visibility is still not working correctly (ASXP Open Beta + P3D V5 and ASXP + P3D V4.5, too).
VV001, VV002 and VV003 should just be translated tp OVC001, OVC002 and OVC003.
VV/// and VV000 should be translated to OVC000 (or OVC 50 ft).

As a real world commercial pilot and instrument rating instructor, correct simulation of when you see the approach lights is much more important than any nice shape of clouds can ever be.

For instance, last night, at 19:10 UTC, I approached LOWW and could see the runway from 1.3 NM and 400 ft AGL.
METAR COR LOWW 231850Z 16005KT 0550 R16/0500N R29/0650N FG VV001 08/08 Q1015 TEMPO 0700 FG=

If you zoom in, you can see the approach lights (1.27 NM to THR, 420 ft AGL, RA 530 ft). OVC001 would do!

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