What makes Active Sky the best weather and environment engine?

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We are often asked what separates Active Sky from other weather products. Here is a list of some of the key unique features of the latest version of Active Sky: 2012 (SP2)

  • 11 years in continuous development by actual pilots, receiving dozens of awards including the AVSIM BRAVO ZULU Award for Excellence in 2006, 2007 and 2011
  • Robust realism features
  • Accurate winds and temps aloft
  • Private weather server network
  • Historical weather
  • Network support
  • Wake turbulence simulation
  • Included weather gauge
  • Comprehensive options
  • Visual mapping
  • Wx station database control
  • Hurricane simulation
  • Intelligent live interpolation
  • Updowndrafts and thermals
  • Live Sigmets and Airmets for the CONUS
  • Integrated flight planning
  • Voice features
  • Manual Wx editing
  • Weather searching capability
  • Integrated high-definition weather and environment graphics with weather-influenced selection support
  • Universal graphics add-on integration
  • Extensibility for 3rd party applications
  • New in SP2: New depiction improvements, new IMC-based depiction features, brand new graphics, official Prepar3D support, new Default Options Profiles and much more
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