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I haven't really tinkered with AS -- so everything is pretty much default.

I've noticed lately that winds seem to be 'intense' -- I was flying into an airport with 10kt headwind in DA62 and was getting thrown all over the place. I turned off AS and switched to real weather (within XP) and had the same wind value but it wasn't as rough. Is it AS that is intense or is real weather in XP just that weak?

I've been up in 172's numerous times and don't recall a 10kt headwind rocking the plane like it was.

Just curious if I'm supposed to tweak something or this is natural.


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I have not heard whether Laminar has tweaked their weather system since introducing 11.50. You can scale the settings back using the Options menu. There are also 2 presets in ASXP - Default is "Easy" mode and the other "Realism" mode.

Try scaling the Wind\Turbulence effect scale back a little from the default 70% and see if it is better.


real weather in XP just that weak?
Sorry for my intervention like that but the real weather from XP is just a big joke in so many ways that it will monopolyze 10 pages to enumerate what goes wrong with the real weather in Xplane!!!... (IMO... not only)