X-Plane 11.50 Beta crashing when I load Active Sky X

Good morning,
See log files from X-Plane and Active Sky attached.
I have updated ASXP to version 7494.
I am able to load X-Plane succesfully without ASXP. As soon as I start ASXP and it loads, the sim crashes. Without ASXP loaded, everything runs fine.
Thank you in advance and have a good day.



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I do not see anything out of the ordinary except an error with the SR22 (E/SOUN: snd error in file: Aircraft/X-Aviation/SR22 Series/TorqueSim SR22TN/fmod/SR22TN.snd line 409).

Please perform an uninstall/reinstall of ASXP ensuring to remove all saved data then download and install ASXP:


If the simulator crashes remove the SR22 plugin from the X-Plane root folder and save it on your desktop then test to see if X-Plane crashes again.


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Hi @LeonardvanderWalt! Just a shot in the dark here. Are you able to get to the point where you can deselect AI aircraft and not use ATC? If you can, give that a try. If you try to re-install ASXP again make sure you also go to the "Users" folder, Roaming Data and delete the HiFi files that reside there.
Evening @OldFlyGuy same thing happening when AI aircraft have been deselected. I loaded up X-Plane with the default Cessna, without AI traffic, everything goes perfectly well, until i start ASXP, a second or two after it has connected to the simulator, it crashes. I don't use ATC in XPlane.


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Hello Leonard,

What about the SR22, did you try without it being installed?

Please ensure that X-Plane and ASXP are not being scanned by antivirus.

Consumer programs including Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows 7) and Windows Defender (Windows 10) may interfere with operation of programs. The X-Plane and Active Sky Installation folders must be added to your excluded or allowed list to prevent any file scanning.

Under Excluded files and Locations add the following folder locations that apply:

C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\ASXP
C:\X-Plane 11beta
C:\X-Plane 11beta\Output\FMS Plans
Hi Robert,
Yes, as per the log file SR22 was not loaded and removed from X-Plane. My antivirus has been turned off.
When i change the simulation installation folder to the XPlane public version, there are no issues, everything works fine. Its only the beta version where the crash occurs.


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Hi Leonard,

I am wondering now if it is the the X-Plane root folder that is named C:\X-Plane 11beta\ which is the culprit?
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Hi Robert
I was also wondering about that. I named it that so i could tell the difference between the release version and beta version. how, in your opinion, should i name it to keep it distinguished from the release version?


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Hi Leonard,

Just to test, rename the release version and then change the beta so it reads as C:\X-Plane and see if the CTD occurs. You can try renaming the beta to C:\X-Plane\Beta with the main X-Plane content inside the beta folder.
No, renaming the beta folder to simply C:\X-Plane does not work either. Sim crashes after ASXP loads. Just so you are aware, i keep getting "an XPlane update is available" notification, on the beta version, when i start the sim, when i attempt to update, the process runs smoothly with no issues and always ends with, your system is up to date, but when i start again, i get the message again. It has happened everytime since about three days ago.