Xgauge Aircraft List QW B757 Doesn't Appear


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Every aircraft I have installed in FSX appears in the Xgauge aircraft list except the Quality Wings B757 Pack. Any ideas? I know it can be installed manually but there are so many different panel.cfg in it, not even sure where to install it. Any help appreciated. Thanks



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This is for P3D 4 panel.cfg's but should be the same for FSX or at least close to get started.

QualityWings 752 Passenger\panel.main
QualityWings 752 Passenger\panel.retro

QualityWings 753 Passenger\panel.main
QualityWings 753 Passenger\panel.retro

All the other 752's including the freighters are all aliased to QualityWings 752 Passenger\panel.main