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I need either a video or a walk-through for recording audio files in XPAX, because when I follow the instructions, under Captain...(actually, under all of them,) it keeps telling me "No Event Selected." Tried different things for two days now. In the process, I accidentally deleted the default sound file for the Descent event, under Captain. I am going to submit a ticket I think.
I selected Captain, then I selected, say, default, then I selected "Prepare Take-Off" I.E., "Flight attendants, prepare for take-off" and hit RECORD...."No Event Selected."
Then I tried creating a new Pilot in Command, creating a new tree-tier under captain, selecting myself, then selecting "Prepare for Take-Off" and tried to record there, too. "No Event Selected," when the "Event" is CLEARLY highlighted!!!
Please help. ALSO, where do I get my default, Captain, Default, Descent event audio file back that I apparently somehow deleted?

Shaun Fields
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Hi Shaun,

A re-install would be recommended to get the default audio files/sets back. Alternatively you can open a ticket and we can send you specific data, and do anything else we can to help you in this regard.