Issue Xplane crashed


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I just got the ASXP and every time I start it the xplane crashed, I reinstll it several time but still the issue, I use xp11.41.

the xplane working fine once I start ASXP xpalne crashed.



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Using XP11.51b10 (yes, I know it's a beta) and it totally freezes the sim in the middle of the flight. Force quitting Active Sky unfreezes it.


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That is interesting. You are able to recover from the freeze? I just get a crash-to-desktop. Logs show something about art controls modified. Using beta 10. Doesn't happen when I'm not using ASXP. Anybody else having these issues? Oh also, I'm not using xpilot or any other TCAS or online flying plugins.



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ASXP user here since the first version. No issues running ASXP with b10 with or without using SMP/RWC. Windows10.


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I get this at the end of the logs right before the crash:
–=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}==–
(Art controls are modified.)

Doesn't happen when ASXP is not running and when ASXP connector is not in my plugins folder. Does anyone know if ASXP is trying to modify one of the now forbidden private datarefs that LR has said will cause crashes or unpredictable behaviour?


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I've used ASXP with it's internal "texture" selections and with SMP/RWC. My log has not reported "art controls modified" either way. There is something else a play in your install. Not near expert enough (or at all) to suggest what it might be.


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Our developers released an update for ASXP:

This may resolve some issues that users are experiencing.

ASXP Open Beta 7467

Active Sky XP B7467 has been posted as an OPEN BETA for those who wish to participate. This resolves some issues and adds new compatibility and integration with some other add-ons.
Visit our downloads page to download.
Update 061120 – June 11, 2020

  • Fix for traffic add-on/TCAS usage causing crash in as_xconnect module related to recent X-Plane beta 11.50b9 API changes breaking backwards compatibility
  • Added new API functionality to provide Turbulence and AS active status to custom datarefs
  • Added new SkyMaxx Pro depiction mode which enables new SMP integration reducing cloud layer limit and supplying new cloud layer type data
  • Now compatible and integrated with XPRealistic Pro V2
  • Now compatible and integrated with SkyMaxx Pro with Real Weather Connector
  • Now compatible with Traffic Global for X-Plane