WeatherAdvisory Voice Volume


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First cudos to HiFi for a great product, I use ASE exclusively for real-time weather & love it. Almost always exactly depicts the weather outside my window -- I live adjacent to KCMA so can instantly associate the real-life metars with the actual weather and it is SPOT ON 99% of the time! WOW.

Here is the situation I am trying to solve:

I exclusively fly online on PilotEdge with live ATC controllers. My engine and environment is through my speakers/woofer, by starting FS9 with the default sound device set to my speaker sound system driver, then before logging onto PilotEdge, set my sound input/output to my USB headphone driver -- thus ATC communications are via the headset & microphone. This is for my Comm-1 channel.

On Comm-2 I dial 122.0 and 122.02 for the "ATIS" / weather, but the volume that Weather Advisories comes through, drowns out any ATC instructions that may come in on Comm-1. Comm-1 headset and microphone settings are optimized for proper levels for the live ATC communications, and ASE seems to bind to whatever is the latest setting on the output sound device, and its output is much "hotter" than that of online PilotEdge ATC, almost double the volume. I know I can just request a short frequency change from ATC to check the weather, and use only Comm-1, but this defeats the use of dual channel Comm-1/Comm-2 radios.

There is not a visible slider on the ASE settings screens to decrease the sound output. Is there a "config" command/entry that I can use, or can you think of or suggest another method of balancing the Comm-1/Comm-2 volumes?

I use Reality XP gauges, and the Garmin GMA340 radios, but cannot actually adjust the volume via the radiostack within the sim.

Any help would be appreciated -- if I can sort this out, it would be the icing on the cake!



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I neglected to mention my operating system is WinXP Pro.

Problem solved with a software package called IndieVolume. ( If any others run into the same sort of problem balancing audio outputs from a number of simultaneous programs, I highly recommend checking out this program. Negligible performance hit on my sim, and I have only a mid-performing dual core system.

Thanks again for a great product with ASE!